This is Joe Witt's site which is dedicated to proven practices and the focus is on sharing resources and information related to Response to Intervention (RTI), Instruction, and progress monitoring.

Response to intervention RTI

RTI is a framework for organizing schools and providing effective instruction and intervention to students.  STEEP is a very specific method of conducting RTI.  It is easy to gather some assessment and intervention tools together in a school and appear to be implementing RTI.  The more intriguing challenge is getting tools to work together so as to simplify school intervention practices.  My interest has been in working toward a simple system that simplifies much of the work for routine achievement problems so school professionals can more keenly focus on the difficult cases.  Another emphasis has been on the connections between the tools.  Most people can conduct screening or purchase a new intervention.  My interest has been in strengthening the linkages between assessment and intervention and to answer questions such as:   "What intervention do we use for this specific student?"   More...


I have several active research interests which center around creating and validating assessment and intervention practices. A belief and a special interest is taking something that is known to be effective, reducing its complexity and making it more practical, while retaining the essence of what makes it effective.  Major libraries are filled with strategies that are effective, yet few are used or used correctly because they are too complicated for the busy world of school professionals.  More....


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