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The following papers provide research reviews pertaining to RTI.

Reading Center
The Reading Center is an evidenced-based reading intervention that helps improve reading fluency, reading comprehension and reading vocabulary. The stories and materials were written to carefully control reading level and content. All materials are carefully sequenced in terms of readability. You will also find reading probes for progress monitoring.

Links to Other Sites

Many good resources are available on the web. This page contains links to several. Those below are recommended.

Scientifically Based Interventions
This free site contains many interventions. It also contains a free research based screening instrument for early reading, early math and early writing skills. The reading component assesses early literacy skills that are prerequisite to reading. Hence it is similar to DIBELS for reading. The reliability and validity is similar to DIBELS but the assessment is much quicker and efficient because it is administered in a group format. The early numeracy measure also has good validity data for this age group. The instrument, developed by Amanda VanDerHeyden, is a downward extension of STEEP related assessments to Kindergarten students. It is free.
Intervention Central
This is Jim Wright's site that has many useful tools including a math assessment probe generator. All the tools are free.
LRP Publications
Good source of publications and conferences related to new developments in legal issues, regulations, and compliance.